The most unselfish thing you can do

We all want a certain level of attainment — and that’s a good thing. In fact, the most unselfish thing you can do is to be massively successful. How could this be so? Well, the more success you achieve, the more doors open up for you, the more freedom you have and the more you’re able to help a larger … Read More

Connection is the key to making the sale

Relationships matter more than anything in business. Your success is based on people. Focus on building relationships so your marketing and selling can be done naturally, in a positive way. It’s not about persuading, tricking and twisting arms. It’s not about gimmicks and tactics. It’s not about being a pest and continually hitting people up until they cave and buy … Read More

Everyone is in sales – that’s why sales skills are vital today

Nothing happens in any business until something is sold. Think about it for a moment. It doesn’t matter what you do for living – whether you are an employee or employer. Everything related to your income (unless you’re a government or non-profit employee) operates on the sales of products and services. Sales is very core of business. Yet many people … Read More

Belief in yourself is the key to your personal transformation

You’ve got to believe in yourself – you’ve got to trust yourself. That’s the number one fundamental of personal transformation. You can learn how to do things necessary in any area of life, but if you don’t trust yourself, if you don’t believe in yourself – you’ll never pull the trigger and take those critical actions with 100% effectiveness. You’ll … Read More